Whitby Pool House

The original concept for the client.

A client needed an entertainment center for his backyard.  The yard had a pool under construction and a cabana, and he wanted something to showcase the yard.

The answer was this pool house that featured an 8 by 8 cantilevered corner.  With the sliding glass doors retracted the entire corner was open to a panoramic view of the pool and yard.

Actual completed project with Pool House and Cabana.  Pool House features a cantilevered roof with fully retractable glass doors (Lumon) on two sides.  Pool deck is stamped concrete.

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About the Author
Doug Norton is a registered Building Designer BCIN 103323. He has decades of construction and project management experience. Projects include work in Europe and the United States. As well he has had a parallel career as an industrial designer, with projects that included interior space design. He can be reached at info@measurite.ca, or if you are really impatient at 905 409 8487.