Measurite Home and Building Drawings

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You need to renovate or make an addition to your house.  How about photo like pictures of the idea?  We can do that, quickly and inexpensively.  Then when you are happy with the design, we create the required drawings a contractor will need for construction.  Do you need a building permit for the project?  We can do that for you as well.  In some cased what you need requires a change to a zoning bylaw.  We can represent your case to the committee of adjustment for a variance to the bylaw, which if approved, will allow the project to go ahead.

Here are a few examples of what MeasuRite offers:

  • Photo realistic images of your concepts and ideas.
  • Floor plans for houses, garages, renovations and additions.
  • Construction drawings with details so that a contractor can fulfill the reality of your ideas.
  • Creation of existing building details to ensure the new construction blends in.
  • AutoCad drawings, if required, to complete your documentation.
  • PDF copies of the drawings to communicate what is needed for contractors and suppliers.
  • Specifications of construction details, methods and materials.

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